I want a ticket to anywhere

Hope you've had a great week with a lot of love. Know it's been Valentine's day and all, but for me it's just another day. In other words don't celebrate it and often forget about it. Not the most lovey dovey person. 
Even though this hell right now called life is going on and being a real ass@#@# on steroids, I try to see the tiny lights down the tunnel. I may not give my loved ones the best or much and everyone is feeling some type of way, but hey I guess I'll have to say this at one place. Sorry for all you are going through, but right now I don't have any energy, breath, finger etc to give. That doesn't mean I don't care and think about everything and everyone. i am not looking for more fights or bad news.
With that said, I am so thankful for my Black Barbie & white Ken, especially my loca chicka that have been my two legs this week. Being there in every way, not taking my m.i.a mode personally, trying to motivate me, include me in everything, helped me move stuff, being my punching bag etc. Just taking all of me for me.
That's all I'm going to post about my personal life. 
Fight through your struggles and find your way back to you. 
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