Just being honest

Haha people who know me, knows I really have no interest in sports and know nothing. And as it right now feels that the only thing people talks about is football,  this picture says all I think :P

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Graduation Day

Today my sister Saga graduated from high school and I'm so proud of her.
Me and my other sister went all the way to Ystad to see her run out of school with her classmates and then see them around time, singing and partying. Was a blast charing this moment with both my grown sisters.
It's crazy how fast you've become adults and I'm proud of you both. But you'll always be my babies. 
Anyways can't wait till tomorrow when  first I'm going to spend the day with my youngest sisters at the market enjoying all the rides. And later on go into town with my sister Josse to celebrate Saga even more at her Alice in wonderland graduation party. 
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On the move

This day has been a real long one. All because I started my trip down to the south at 3:30 AM and didn't sleep before that. The trip got delayed for technical problems on the train, so took me almost 8 hours to get to the family.  Usually takes around 6 hours from door to door. 

Well anyways, spent the day with my youngest siblings and mom outside in the garden. Ate my first strawberry for the year that the girl pocked for me. Also got to meet our new piglets and catch up with the rest of the family and have a lovely Chinese dinner.😀 

So after an eventful day and sleep loss, it's an early night for me as the rest of the days are packed.

Sweet dreams 😘 
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