My way might not be your way

Me & Mike Flo 
Your way might not be my way, but it's alright.
A little lyrics from one of my favorite songs "No way as the way" by Dead Prez. The legendary hiphop group that have that old school vibe with poetic and important lyrics. Love all their topics on health, politics, women empowerment, use of drugs etc. I guess what inspires me is their way of getting the message through with dope music, beats. So hip hop can be used in a powerful positive way. 
With that said, yesterday was sure a spontaneous day. Woke up at 3 Am to get all my things done before traveling back to the south. At the central I met a friend that crazy enough was going to take the same train as me. So we ended up chilling and catching up in the lounge. Was actually this friend that introduced me to Dead Prez music as he was going to see their show. 
To make a long story short, it all ended up with me taking a last min train to Copenhagen and meeting up Mr 007 to attend the show with him at Loppen,Christiania. 
Was the crazies experience in a while, Christiania is a place you cant describe, must be seen. But though it was beautiful in a creepy way and loved that people were so chill and happy even though they were on so many substances. Anyways the concert was amazing and I loved Dj Mike Flo, he knows his decks and can Mc. Him and the duo are a perfect match. Was also nice to experience that they were so humble and down to earth.
So people, if you don't know who they are. Check out their music. I recommend dirty white girl, hip hop, Mind sex, be healthy and Runaway slave.
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